My Gentle Giant: a story of friendship and finding oneself


My Gentle Giant is a Lovaboy Comics webtoon comic by writer EAB and artist Myssdark.  The story centers around “average social outcast” Jun Watanabe. Jun is a third-year in high school but he looks like a first year. He wants to play soccer, but isn’t very good and to top it all off he’s gay. However, when Akihiro, the school giant comes to his rescue, Jun finds out that looks can be deceiving, first loves are often full of misunderstandings, and what matters most, is not how you look, but what’s inside your heart. 

According to EAB, the idea for the story came from a GL comic called Tamen De Gushi. 

“There were two side characters. One guy was an oversized, scary character who didn’t talk much,” EAB said. “So I thought, what if this big scary guy was actually a really sweet giant who liked cooking, cute plushies and cats. And what if the typical short, sweet, baby is actually a super sports fan who just wants to fit in and find friends.” 

To EAB, the most important facet of the story was to make sure that it felt authentic. 

“I didn’t want to write a comic about coming out, or even sexuality,” EAB said. “I wanted to write a comic about first loves and friendship.” 

Their goal is to first finish the comic but moreover to create a love story that is relatable and fluffy. 

“Too often we’re loaded with angst when it comes to BL/ Gay comics – nothing wrong with that by the way – but I want to write a story that just makes you say ‘awwww,’” EAB said. 

He goes on to say that he was an awkward teenager like Jun the protagonist and that he never found the strength to confess to his high school crush.

Concerning Ichi, a friend of the main protagonist, Jun, EAB said he wants to further explore how the character is folded into the story.

“Ichi is only a side character for now, but eventually I plan to explore his feelings toward the LGBTQ+ elements of the story,” he said. “I want him to not only be accepting of his friends, but to understand it. And possibly, find love of his own.”

EAB is the author of the Fated Mates, Sinbad’s Trail, Demons Don’t Cry, Second Opinion, Black, Chasm webcomics and the upcoming Heart to Heart Novel which is currently being printed.

Brazilian artist Myssdark is the person behind the art of My Gentle Giant. When starting out working on the project they were anxious and excited as it was their first time working on a project like this. 

“My art style has changed a lot, and I started to try making their designs a bit different, giving Aki thicker eyebrows and longer face, to try make him look a bit more intimidating, but not too much,” Myssdark said. “And Jun I tried to just make him less soft, but still looking a bit feminine and masculine as well. I like drawing Jun, mostly because I like drawing his hair, it’s soft.”

The Artist loves to see reactions to their work, it inspires them. 

“I love finishing a piece and getting proud of it, seeing how I have grown,” they said. 

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