New Arcade 11 bar anticipates unique entertainment and food experience


Fans of arcade games and bar food are looking forward to the opening of Arcade 11 Bar and Restaurant in downtown Hays. The new establishment has recently begun construction and plans to open its doors around the beginning of August, according to owner Kelly DePiesse.

The establishment will be located at 201 W 10th.

DePiesse is one of four owners of the new bar including his wife Sarah and friends Tyrel and Jessica Somers.

“We had to completely gut the building and have been in the process of bringing the building to current code,” DePiesse said. “We are tentatively looking at the beginning of the next school year. Hopefully sooner but that’s the plan.”  

Having always wanted to operate a “fun center,” DePiesse said he could not pass up the opportunity to open Arcade 11 in Hays.

“The opportunity never presented itself until an associate of mine contacted me and said they had a location I may be interested in. I really hadn’t given the idea much thought and considered it to be out of reach,” he said. “We’ve [the owners] found we really enjoy bar arcades and travel to larger cities throughout Kansas just to visit these types of establishments. It was always a fun concept to discuss, about bringing this type of entertainment to Hays. Ever since that call we have spent countless hours planning, adjusting and dreaming up ideas for what has come to be Arcade 11.”

Patrons of Arcade 11 can expect a game list including more than 30 different titles and styles, including classic games such as Mortal Kombat, X-men, Dr. Mario, Tetris, Donkey Kong, Galaga and Pac-Man.

“We will have the pillars of arcade games but a nice variety of other games that many will enjoy,” DePiesse said. “We will also have the coveted skee-ball, and other co-player games such as air hockey, basketball and so on.”

A new atmosphere as well as unique menu items are features that DePiesse believes will help his business stand out amongst other restaurants and bars in the area.

“While there are plenty of great options in Hays when it comes to food and drinks we want to stand out on our own,” he said. “We have a few unreleased features that will likely become huge focal points.”

As of now, the menu consists of traditional bar food items such as wings and hamburgers. However, DePiesse says the unreleased core of the food menu will be unique.

“Without giving away too much, our menu will include many childhood favorites that have an adult twist,” he said. “Our core menu is unique to us as we find it highly important to stand out in all aspects. One question we get is if we will have vegan and gluten-free options, the answer is yes. Our drink menu will also set us apart and I can’t wait to release it.” 

According to the owner, individuals of all ages will appreciate and enjoy the new, fun location.

“All of us at Arcade 11 are excited to bring this type of entertainment to Hays,” he said.More information about the project can be found at the Arcade 11 website and on their Facebook page.

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