Tre Giles speaks about leadership at Circle K meeting

By Guowei(Gary)Li

On Wednesday, February 26th. FHSU’s Circle K Leadership Chapter hosted a keynote speaker in the  Trails Room on the second floor of Memorial Union. FHSU alum, Tre L. Giles, spoke about his life experiences and what life can entail when the audiences put themself out there.

Giles, who is also the Student Engagement Coordinator at FHSU, spoke to those in attendance about how they viewed themselves as leaders.

“We were able to challenge some of our thoughts when sometimes we’re too scared to identify ourselves as leaders,” Giles said. “We were able to point out who we see in our lives that sets that tone who is trailblazing those ideas for us. We were able to talk about that, and I think we had a really good time and there are some amazing students here, so it was an honor.”

Giles hopes those that attended the presentation left with an increased self-identity and that they can label themselves as leaders. 

“I think every single person has the capability to lead and to influence others and to create change,” Giles said. “I think students sometimes struggle to see that in themselves so I hope every student who is here at this presentation is able to walk away and know that they are leader know that they are capable of creating positive change and other they are in an organization where they belong.”

Students shared their previous experiences and had productive conversations with the speakers. This meeting gave the audience leadership credit or personal development credit. Circle K member, Rylee Bretton said the presentation helped her to think about how she can help others achieve their leadership goals. 

“I do have a lot of leadership roles on campus, but I think it really made me think about not how I am a leader but how I build others up to help them become leaders, so I got to self-reflect a lot which meant a lot to me,” Bretton said, “I think all these events are very beneficial no matter if you think that you are a leader or not because I do think that everyone has qualities to be a leader, so I think they just benefit everyone as a whole.”

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