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For the next few days, when Bryson Homman looks in the mirror, he may not recognize his reflection. That’s because on Friday afternoon, he shaved his head for charity.

Homman is a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. Each year, the FHSU Sigma Chi chapter hosts the “Shave-a-Sig” fundraiser where students can bid to shave the heads of chapter members. The event is put in place to donate to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation, a cancer research facility based out of Utah. This year, Sigma Chi’s goal is to raise $10,000 – the highest goal the chapter has ever had.

In a post on his Twitter account from Feb. 27, a day before the shaving, Homman recalled how much his “golden locks” meant to him. On the day of the event, he said the experience was nerve-wracking.

“The last time I had hair this short I was eight or nine years old,” he said. “But it really puts it into perspective what cancer does to an individual.”

For Homman, this act of charity has some personal ties.

“Cancer has affected me tremendously,” he said. “My mother has beat cancer, and I also have a cousin who is currently battling cancer.”

Homman said he and his fraternity brothers want to be the “generation to end cancer.”

As of now, the chapter has raised $2,500 for the Huntsman Cancer Foundation – $1,400 of that coming from the “Shave-a-Sig” fundraiser.

“If anyone is interested in donating to this cause, I’d recommend getting in touch with me or any active Sigma Chi member,” he said.

Homman also said to keep an eye out for future events.

“This semester is filled with fundraisers and dinners to help us reach our goal,” he said. “Reaching out means a lot to us.”

For questions about Sigma Chi cancer research fundraising, Homman can be reached at

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