International Student Services Wraps International Education with Japanese Movie Night


On Tuesday, December 10th International Student Union had a meeting at McMindes Hall 2R classroom, and they watched the Japanese movie “Like Father, Like Son”.

The organizer Pamela Hammond said the purpose of this activity is that let Japanese international students feel as familiar as in their own country. 

“This is also an opportunity to let us learn and feel diversity and the other country’s culture,” she said.

The name of this movie has a profound meaning. Although the father provides conditions to raise his child, there are certain things he must learn from his child. Although the child is raised by his father, he can also give his father a lesson of affection of family.

The main theme of the movie is the affection of the family, not the blood, but the emotion accumulated over time. Even if the blood relationship makes the father and the son look like each other, what really connects the father and the son is the time they spend with each other. The longer you spend with him, the more he looks like you. 

Father Ryota Nonomiya works in a first-class construction company, and mother is a full-time housewife. Six-year-old son, Keita is entering a primary school. They live in a high-level apartment. And the son attends tutoring and piano. However, the father never has the weekend to company his son.

Another family is an opposite mirror of him. The father is a mechanic, and the mother works in a convenience store. The family lives the room in front of the street. Children play in the backyard and street everyday. Grow up with different parents let father and son who have blood relationship are no longer similar.

At the end of the film, Keita asked his father: “Do you know that Spider-Man is a spider?”. The father answered with a smile, “this is the first time I heard this message”. This responds to the movie title: the child knows and can teach you more than you think.

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