Hays High Holds Musical Production “Anything Goes”


Hays High School’s November musical is “Anything Goes” with music by Cole Porter, this jazz musical incorporates tap dancing and has been on Broadway as well as the West End, and has even won 6 Tony awards since 1987. 

Hays High auditioned around 45 students for this musical, 40 of them are performing this past weekend. This show was held on multiple nights this week, starting the 14th and finishing on Sunday, November 17th at 2:30 p.m. in the Hays High Twelfth Street Auditorium.  

“It is such an old show that the style of acting is very different than modern contemporary realism, so that was an interesting twist,” Musical Director Alex Underwood said. “The other noteworthy thing is the amount of tap dancing that has to happen for the show, we are putting every single cast member in tap shoes for at least one of the numbers. It is going to be really awesome when everybody gets together. 

The skill of tap dancing and acting put the cast to the test for this show, but the excitement and joyful atmosphere of “Anything Goes” was sure to bring fun to the audience.

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