Forsyth Library Hosts Annual Mini-Golf Event


Does the Forsyth library really have more resources than just books and computers? On Tuesday, September 3, FHSU students had the opportunity to not only explore all Forsyth Library has to offer but to play mini-golf as well. The event was organized by the help of  Outreach Service Specialist, Brittney Squire. 

“The purpose of the event was to showcase a variety of services and resources that are available at Forsyth Library,” said Squire. 

Mini golf holes were set up on all three levels of the library. The course had ten stops altogether. These stops took place at the Tiger Food Exchange, the Writing Center, the Research Help Kiosk, the Learning Commons, the Government Documents, the General Collection, the Children’s Collection, the stairs, the MakerSpace, and the Clubhouse located in the lower level. 

At every station, a mini golfer could find a library staff member or a staff member of a different department located in the library. To spice up the event, every stop had a different theme. For example, the Writing Center stop used dictionaries to create their course. The Tiger Food Exchanged used canned food items to create their hole. 

To begin the challenge, students received a map after swiping their Tiger IDs. The map included every stop within the course. Within the course, there were also arrows that indicated fun facts about Forsyth. The arrows also directed students to their next stop. 

The last stop was the Clubhouse. In the clubhouse, students had the chance to win a prize if they completed the stop with a “hole in one.” The Clubhouse also provided snacks, a photo booth, and a drawing where students had the opportunity to win an FHSU swag bag or a library t-shirt.

“Approximately fifty students attended the event and had an opportunity to meet library staff, learn a bit more about what resources are available, and also have a fun study break on a Tuesday evening,” explained Squire. 

Many participants enjoyed the event as well. 

“I thought the event was super fun and it was a good chance to have a little bit of fun after a long day of class. It was really fun to go with a group of friends and bond with them and share a lot of laughs,” said Jaqueline Rodriguez. “I also realized I am probably the worst golfer on campus!”

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