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Waking up in the morning can be a very difficult and extensive process for many students around campus. Throughout the halls of the residential buildings, one can hear each student groaning and pressing snooze on their alarm clocks when preparing for early morning classes. The amount of times students show up late to their early classes suggests this is a problem all over campus. After investigating how various students prepare for classes before the clock strikes noon, TMN found a number of techniques and approaches to this daunting task.

For some students like Savannah O’Reilly, making it to class on time in the morning means getting things ready the night before her morning class.

“I like to lay out my clothes the night before, that way I’m not in a rush in the morning,” said O’Reilly. “I also set multiple alarms that way I wake up on time to go to my class. Overall I try to find time to eat breakfast but if I’m in a rush I pack some granola bars in my bag that way I have something to eat.”

Finding ways to eliminate any morning complications can really aide in getting you to your class on time. Many students say that they try to find a good way of regulating their sleep schedule. Most try and spend less time on their phones in the evening so they can go to sleep and wake up early for their class.

Limiting screen time before going to bed can help you sleep faster. Personally, I usually set my phone down about an hour before I go to sleep. I also read a book to relax and make sure that I have my bag packed and everything set for the morning.

Some students even try to stay hydrated so that they can wake up feeling refreshed. Kamren Walker, a sophomore, says that he tries to drink water before and after waking up.

“I head to bed around 10:30 p.m. and drink plenty of water before and after waking up,” he said. Walker says this helps motivate him to get up and have a good day.

Others say that making breakfast a priority in the morning can really help get you ready for the day to come. Casey Bowers a freshman here at Fort Hays starts the day off making sure she eats breakfast.

“I like to try and get a good breakfast in the morning,” said Bowers. “I really feel that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s a great way to get the day started so early!”

A couple of people even get up early and shower before their class.

“To me, showering in the morning gives me a chance to wake up and mentally prepare myself for the day,” says Whitney Brown. Showers can help people de-stress and relax before a busy day.

“Well, I set at least two different alarms, at the very least. I use this face wash that’s called morning burst and it makes me super awake,” said Makaylan Kitzer. “Taking a shower in the morning always helps me awaken more when I have early classes.”

Students also say finding a roommate that has the same schedule as you can be helpful.

“I like to get to bed early and set an early alarm. It lets me lay in bed for a while to wake myself up,” said Makenzie Bowers. “It also helps to have a roommate that has the same class time as you”.

Many students set more than one alarm that way they make sure they make it to class on time. Chloe Withington a Freshman at Fort Hays normally puts at least three alarms within 5-minute intervals to remind her that she has class.

“I try to make sure I set alarms early enough to give me time to get ready. I also make sure I multiple alarms that way I get up for my classes on time,” said Withington. “Most of the time I set them 5 minutes apart from each other just to make sure I wake up and make it to class on time.”

For some students listening to music helps get them ready for the day.

“It takes me a bit to wake up all the way, but listening to music in the mornings is what helps me wake up the most,” said Citalli Cobian. “I listen to music while I get ready and as I walk to class. After my morning class, I grab some coffee to keep my energy for the rest of the day.”

Whether it’s laying out your clothes, packing breakfast, getting more sleep, or setting alarms, there are many ways to get yourself ready to have an eventful and successful day. Hopefully, these tips help you all find a routine that works for you and helps you figure out a routine. Good luck on the rest of the semester, Tigers!

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