Know Your Candidates: Ken Selzer and Jen Sanderson


Primary elections are less than a month away and candidates from both parties are in full gear to compete for their party’s nomination.

Ken Selzer is one of seven individuals running for the Republican nomination in the 2018 Kansas Governor Election. Selzer is a fourth generation Kansan, growing up in the central part of the state. He earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting from Kansas State University and his Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Southern California.

One of Selzer’s primary messages was on the relationship between education in Kansas and the employment needs of the local and state economies.

“We need to focus on aligning our educational system with the jobs that are available, the jobs that are in our communities,” he said. “We can give examples of different school districts, K-12, can actually be a part of that and can think of themselves as an economic driver in their local communities. If that local school district is focused on creating seniors that will come out of the school district, that have certificates and…other training…that are needed in the local community its more likely that kids when they graduate, are going to stay there.”

Jen Sanderson joined Selzer on the campaign trail this past May. Sanderson is a Plainville native and graduate of Fort Hays State University, being the first to earn a degree in her family.  Though most consider the position under any immediate executive to be a passive role, Sanderson says that will not be her place.

“I believe if you are going to serve, you better well serve and you better be moving,” said Sanderson. “There’s no need to sit and take a spot in history if you’re not going to do something that changes your state for the better. Ken and I had that discussion when we talked about my lieutenant governorship. He says, ‘I’m not sure you’re gonna be happy being passive.’ And I said, ‘You’re gosh darn right I’m not going to be.’ That won’t work. It shouldn’t. And it shouldn’t be acceptable to the taxpayer.”

The Selzer, Sanderson campaign has also said they will support U.S. President Donald Trump in his efforts on changing immigration laws, decreasing government expenses, and serving in their positions full-time.

If you are a registered voter in the Republican Party and are a resident of Kansas, you can vote for Selzer and Sanderson at the August 7 primary. For more information on voting in your area, contact your local Kansas Department of the Treasurer Office.

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