B.Y.O.P. NSLS Event on FHSU Campus


Hundreds of years ago, Ancient Celtic cultures in Ireland would carve turnips on All Hallow’s Eve, place an ember in them, and hope that throughout the night their carved turnips would ward off evil spirits.

Today, Fort Hays organizations have brought the Halloween spirit to students and faculty by hosting B.Y.O.P. – bring your own pumpkin – events this week. The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) kicked off the festivities Tuesday night, by hosting a pumpkin carving event in Rarick Hall. Members of the group and students attended this event and carved designs into their pumpkins.

These pumpkin designs varied from the classic jack-o-lantern face to a spooky monster with multiple eyes. Katheryn Mason and Brenda Mattson, both members of NSLS were accompanied at this event by the group’s advisor, Dr. Linda Granstrom.

“I like hanging out with everybody, I like designing the pumpkins and the snacks,” said Mason, Vice President of NSLS. Brenda Mattson says that pumpkin carving is something she likes to do because it puts her in the Halloween spirit.

Dr. Granstrom, who carved her pumpkin into a monster with multiple eyes, enjoys getting new ideas from others around her while pumpkin carving.

“I like getting new ideas, so I thought it was fun to watch the girl over here paint it, put a constellation on it,” said Dr. Granstrom.

The group’s other plan to put FHSU in the Halloween spirit was to find the tallest building on campus and drop pumpkins off of it and see which ones exploded – but the group reconsidered, realizing that carving would be a better idea.

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