FHSU’s New Campus Conceal-Carry Policy

The administration at Fort Hays State University ensures both current and future students that their safety, while on campus, is a top priority. The safety concerns go as far as prohibiting lit candles on campus. There is a controversial safety topic that is going to be changing before the fall semester begins, and that is the campus’ policy on concealed firearms.
Starting on July 1st, Fort Hays State University will begin allowing concealed firearms in campus buildings. This policy is being changed by the Kansas Board of Regents in an attempt to adhere more closely to a state law which allows concealed firearms on college campuses and other state-funded buildings.
Before going further into the actual policy, it is important to highlight what kind of firearms are going to be allowed. In the full description of the policy is stated that “the only type of firearm that an individual can carry while concealed is a handgun.”

This means, carrying a concealed rifle, shotgun, blowgun, or any type of explosive is still illegal.
There are a number of restrictions that will accompany the implementation of the new policy. The restrictions are as follows:

1. An individual in possession of a concealed handgun must be at least 21 years of age.
2. A firearm cannot be carried by an individual under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or both.
3. A firearm cannot be carried by an individual who is both addicted to and an unlawful user of a controlled substance.
4. A firearm cannot be carried by an individual who is or has been mentally ill and subject to involuntary commitment.
5. A firearm cannot be carried by an individual with an alcohol or substance abuse problem subject to involuntary commitment.
6. A firearm cannot be carried by an individual who has been convicted of a felony crime.
7. An automatic firearm cannot be carried.
8. A cartridge which can be fired by a handgun and which has a plastic-coated bullet with a core of less than 60% lead by weight is illegal.
9. Suppressors and silencers cannot be used with a firearm and, firearms cannot be fired in the corporate limits of a city or at a dwelling, or in a structure or vehicle in which people are present, except in self-defense.

There are places on campus where concealed firearms will not be allowed, though. These locations have been dubbed “Campus Gun Free Zones.” These locations must have “adequate security measures”, as defined by the Kansas Board of Regents, in order to be completely gun-free. Metal detectors and security staff are a couple of these security measures. As of April 4th, 2017, there are no locations on campus that can qualify as a gun free zone. This could change in coming months, in preparation for the policy change.
Tiger Media Network will provide updates on this policy. With Tiger Media Network, I am Kraig Pierce.

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