FHSU Greek Life Says “No” to Hazing

This week, the Greek Life at Fort Hays State University are teaming up to raise awareness for Hazing Prevention Week. Hazing Prevention Week is a reminder for all organizations to make smart decisions and avoid harming students or others in the act of hazing.

Activities that are sponsored by Fort Hays’ Greek Life include a pledge banner on which students can pledge to stop and prevent any hazing, sidewalk-chalk pledges, and a Vine contest where students who participate will try to make the best Vine in PSA format, explaining the dangers of hazing. The winner will have their Vine displayed across Fort Hays State University’s campus.

A Vine is a six-second video hosted on a social media application, Vine.

“Hazing Prevention Week is a national campaign to raise awareness about the perils of hazing and to have Greek members sign written pledges to never haze.” Josh Maples, Greek Life graduate assistant at Fort Hays State University, said. “Many fraternities and sororities across the nation participate in Hazing Prevention Week. Here at Fort Hays, we’re trying to get the word out to say ‘We are Fort Hays State Greek Life, and we do not haze, and we will not and do not tolerate it [hazing].”

Many other organizations, including athletics and other student organizations also take part in Hazing Prevention Week.

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