Akido Club Hosts Seminar

Fourteen years ago Richard Lisichenko and Matthew Parcel founded the Fort Hays State University Akido Club, years passed and now the club is a thriving spectacle today.

Tatsuo Toyoda, a sensei partnered with FHSU and the Akido Association of America, hosted a three day seminar that allowed newcomers to learn the basics.

Toyoda elaborated on the importance of akido, “Akido is a Japanese martial art founded by Morihei Ueshiba. It means the way to harmonize with energy. Akido is different from any martial art because of the resolution of conflict. It’s the philosophy of having a peaceful resolution. It’s an important message for anyone that ranges from kids to adults, from cities as well as neighbors, to countries to try to work together in the world,” Toyoda said.

Toyoda was also accompanied by Tella Nimz, Sublette senior and club president, and Brandon Nimz an akido instructor. The three collaborated together to form this three day introduction program that anyone can join.
Even though akido is a Japenese martial art, one only needs to know the language that they speak. The language of origin for the sport is Japanese.

Brandon discussed the needs for akido and the partnership gained from the sport. “One needs the mind to learn something new, and the excitement to try something new. A lot of stuff looks higher level to get, but it all starts with rolling backwards for fall. It all starts by using basic movements and using the core for throws. Anyone can get there,” Brandon said.


Akido is a combination of punches, kicks, grabs and throws in order to channel energy as well as protect themselves as well as the attacker.

The club practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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    1. Here is a link to the Aikido of Northwest Kansas. website.http://www.aikidoofnorthwestkansas.com
      And just as a point of clarification, Toyoda Sensei is actually the president of the American Aikido Association and Aikido International Foundation. He teaches seminars all over the world, is highly regarded in the world of aikido, and he makes time to come to our dojo every year. The club gets to go to Chicago for a week every winter break and train in his dojo.

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