Tigers In Service Alternative Spring Break

Tigers In Service is sponsoring an alternative spring break trip. This trip will be to Des Moines, Iowa to help Habitat For Humanity who is known for rebuilding homes for families who have lost theirs during disasters.

The students who will join Tigers In Service for this trip and will be helping families in the Birdland area of Iowa where they have lost over 200 homes. The loss of these homes varies from the years of 1993-2008 due to heavy floods.

This trip will be a rewarding one doing something that will inspire a community through repairs and will touch the lives of many through teamwork. For students who wish to go on this trip, the deposit is $75. There are only fifteen spots available. It will be a rewarding experience, so students are greatly encouraged to apply for this life-changing event. Students can apply for this trip on TigerLink by signing in and applying here: Alternative Spring Break 2017.

 Reporting for TMN News, I’m Shannon Mahon.

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