First SGA Meeting Of The Spring Semester

The Executive Committee reported that over break with new student orientation, they recently gained forty new student members. Senators Hersch and Brandt went to the Kansas Board of Regentd on Higher Education Day in order to try to get more student representation with KBOR. Also noted, the Student Government Association’s Virtual Senate is rolling strong.

Allocations reported that TMN Producer Todd Elsen proposed that the bills passed at SGA should be taped in order to help the faces of SGA to become more public. This will start next week.

The Affairs Legislative reported that the Student Advisory Committee finalized Affirmative Consent. That means that students off campus aren’t protected by FHSU if not on campus. So Affirmative Consent is trying to change that.

There was not new business that was discussed this week. The SGA welcomed its senators back for a bright and shiny new semester.


For TMN, I am Shannon Mahon.

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