Wave Spotlight: Cole Harrison

Welcome back to another special look at one of the many artists who have appeared on TMN’s hit show: The Wave. This series is designed to give more background, and behind the scenes information on the amazingly talented artists that graced us with their amazing performances for the show. The last spotlight we checked out an awesome performance from one of the biggest acts The Wave has every come across! “Lucas Maddy and The Kansas Cartel” blew our studio to smithereens with their acoustic version of their hits song: 4440.

This week we check out one of the best videos, we at The Wave, ever created. This week, let’s travel back to when we visited Cole Harrison at Malloy Hall. This is one of the turning points for The Wave, in which we changed many of the norms for the show and started to upgrade. This week’s Wave Spotlight is honored to show: Cole Harrison and his song; “One Day”.

So let me start by saying this: the team behind The Wave was in no way a squad of perfect human beings. In our first episode of the second season, we struggled to get the newer editions of our team to be fully part of the fold. Some things take time, and sometimes great things can be waiting around the corner. One of those things was our newest producer: Corey Huggins. Corey became a very important part of our show; not only supplying guests for the show multiple times but even being a guest on the show!

Corey’s first guest on the show was a friend of his named Cole Harrison. He told us he was a singer-songwriter, and that we could use Malloy Halls recording studio to film the performance. The producers of the show (myself included) thought this was a great chance at getting not only a new look for our performances but a new sound as well.

Cole Harrison’s performance was truly awesome. As soon as he started to perform we knew we were in the presence of not only a talented musician but a powerful artist. Starting from a young age, Cole was always making music. Stating in an interview with the show, that was because both his parents were music teachers and his mother’s parents were also musicians. He also states in the interview that “I hated music when I was younger, but then I started to realize that I was really good at it and I really enjoyed it”. He told us in the same interview that he plays a number of instruments including Trombone, Piano, Guitar and of course – he sings.

The song “One Day” is a tune of incredible power. “The song … I wrote it after seeing a little red suitcase…then it turns out I was writing this about my sister, and it got really personal” Cole said in the shows interview. “It was one of those things where I started it, and then I didn’t touch it for maybe a year, and then I pulled it back out and I had it written”. Cole continues to tell The Wave that the song is about the past, present and the hopeful future of his sister.

For being one of the first artists from one of the most prolific producers ever on The Wave, Cole Harrison knocked us dead on our feet. Want more of Cole Harrison? Well, sadly he told us he uses Soundcloud, but really he only uses it to listen to other artists.

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