Mock Interview Day is Sept. 10

After applying for a job and grabbing the interest of an employer the next step in the employment process is usually an interview. Interviews are used to filter through possible employees, by evaluating their strengths and weaknesses.


This event is targeted for students’ freshman through seniors who are non-education majors.


On Sept. 10 the annual Fort Hays State University Career Services’ Mock Interview Day will be hosted.  A Teacher Mock Interview Day will be hosted on Feb. 7 for all education majors.

With rising participation, the event is not hosted to graduates. However if a graduate student wants to participate they can call the Career Services office to see if any time slot will be available.

This is a great way to get find out what areas students can improve in, to help improve their chances of a successful interview. Students who are interested in participating can sign-up by calling Career Services at 785-628-4260, stopping by Sheridan Hall 214 or registering through their Careers for Tigers account.

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