TMN New Artist: Clones of Clones

clones of clones albumClones of Clones confidently pound their lo-fi, gritty, garage rock performance in venues and festivals all over the East Coast. The band has headlined shows at the most popular venues and opened for countless touring label acts in their hometown of Washington, D.C. The band is set to explode in 2015, as the quartet has already played for several sold out crowds, toured through major music markets, and put the finishing touches on their debut album Monster Heart.”

The 10-track album pushes their grunge rock influences – bands like The Stone Roses and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – into new territory with the occasional synthesized soundscape or the intricate textures of intertwining melodies from more contemporary influences like Modest Mouse, Minus The Bear, and Manchester Orchestra. The band recruited the expertise of producer Ted Comerford (Jukebox the Ghost, Army of Me) and mixing engineer Roger Moutenot (Rogue Wave, Guster) for this release. “The album is mostly about a messed up relationship,” singer/guitarist Ben Payes explains, “Nightmares, mood swings, the highs, the lows. But I like letting people apply their own meaning. The lyrics aren’t so literal that it’s clearly only about my relationship. I just use it as songwriting fuel.”

Clones of Clones formed around the common love of grunge rock and big hooks. The name is a statement about how all of today’s music is an evolution of the prior generation’s music, nothing is completely unique. “Even Clapton and The Beatles have roots in Blues and Jazz,” Payes continues, “I think it’s actually a component of good music; it’s rooted in something that is familiar and comfortable to people, yet there is a slight evolution in its sound. Clearly not a bad thing, just an observation. Our music is a pretty clear victim of this evolution.”

Clones of Clones is now playing on TMN Radio.

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