Earthquake gives FHSU a Minor Shake

Students and staff on the Fort Hays State University, as well as people from Wichita and Oklahoma have reported feeling what might have been an earthquake on social media outlets like Twitter and Yik Yak.

Though no official word has been received concerning the matter, people around the FHSU Campus have taken to Yik Yak and Twitter to discuss what many believe to have been a small earthquake.

“Anyone else just feel that earthquake?” said a Yik Yak user within the last 10 minutes.

Reports of shaking were reported in Wichita and in Oklahoma by people on social media and by local news sources.

“I’m not sure, but i’m pretty sure Hays, Kansas just experienced an earthquake,” said professor of political science Chapman Rackaway, through his Twitter handle.

TMN will continue to follow and update the story as it evolves.

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