Center for Media Studies Demolition Update

The Center for Media Studies will be torn down by M&D Excavating of Hays Inc., and replaced by the Center for Network Learning on Oct. 13.

Students and faculty will begin seeing construction fencing placed next week and the demolition starting that following Monday.

“The reason for removing the Center for Media Studies was when we looked at the original building plan for the Center of Network Learning, it was proposed then to add that visual connectivity to the quad for the Center of Network Learning,” said Troy Steiner, architectural project designer for Facilities Planning.

“We decided to tear that building (CMS) down so we would have that visibility and that connection,” Steiner said. “That way it (CNL) wouldn’t just be sitting out on the outskirts by itself.”

Although the demolition process will take place during school hours, students and faculty should not have safety concerns.

“There should not be any safety issues,” Steiner said. “We have a plan in place to fence off the work site and redirect traffic (meaning the students) around the library to Tomanek. The access point to the site will be behind Malloy.”

The demolition process will consist of three stages: safety, demolition, and clean up. First, M&D will fence off the site and have the utilities located to not cause any damage to them. Next, they will bring in the machinery and begin tearing the building down with the track hoe. Finally, they will clean up the rubble and return/compact the dirt back to its planned grades.

Since the access point will be behind Malloy, cars driving in front of the building on South Campus Drive will not be redirected.

For the history on the Center for Media Studies and other buildings on campus, click here.

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