FHSU hacks

Students know that college can be expensive, time consuming, and well, just plain difficult. While there is no guaranteed way to ease the challenges that come with going to college, we can try. With the fall semester right around the corner, now is the perfect time to try out some of the following tips and tricks to improve the college experience both academically and socially.

Every college student knows that waking up for class can be a real drag; especially when the class is nothing but lectures about who knows what. Though nothing sounds better than being wrapped up in fluffy sheets and snuggling with your favorite stuffed animal, students have to go to class. Dreaming about Ryan Gosling can wait.

Tip number one for successfully waking up for class: set an alarm.


But, avoid setting an alarm that awakens you with your standard “beep” noise. Instead, pick a song. For iPhone users, one has the option of selecting a song from his or her iTunes library, which will begin to play at the time he or she set their alarm. The song you choose can set the mood for the day and will ultimately get you up and going.

Now, a smart phone may make a great alarm clock, but it can also be a great study device. When downloaded from the app store, “Quizlet,” a tool that makes personal flashcards, can save you time, energy and carpal tunnel. Let’s face it, no one has the patience or the will power to make hundreds of flashcards.

Quizlet is essentially an app/website that allows users to make online flashcards by either copying and pasting material, or typing it out. This makes studying super easy and convenient because students don’t physically have to haul around tons of flashcards and materials that will most likely get lost in your dorm room.

Students think, “How on earth does one lose things in a tiny 10X10 dorm room?” But it is inevitable. For the next seven months, students share a bathroom with dozens of other people and sweating profusely when the air conditioner decides not to work.

To cool down a muggy room, place a cold damp towel over an open window.

As for sharing a bathroom with dozens of other smelly people, well, hold your breath and deal with it. However, if your dorm room possesses a funky smell, measures can be taken.

Take a fresh, scented dryer sheet and tape it over your AC unit or fan to ensure that your dorm room will not be labeled as “The smelly dorm room.” Students don’t want to be labeled as, “The person who always sets off the fire alarm at 2:00 in the morning.”


Tip number five: don’t attempt to cook if you don’t know how to cook.


There are those people out there who continuously tell themselves, “I’m a wonderful cook.” When in reality, the only dish they successfully “cook” is cereal. When cooking cereal is getting a bit old, try a simple recipe that is sure to be a success.

Grab a friend who knows their way around the kitchen, and dish out a new and improved version of the classic Ramen noodles. Add vegetables, crushed red pepper, green onions, Sriracha sauce, or whatever. This will not only create a delicious masterpiece, but also serve as an alternative to Doritos.


Without mothers telling students to “put down the chips,” it’s easy to become susceptible to unhealthy eating. In order to avoid this, and ultimately packing on the pounds, take advantage of the wellness center, and fitness classes offered throughout the school year. It is free, and a great way to meet people.

If working out in front of people, or embarrassing yourself while trying to lift weights is not appealing, then why not grab some pals and go for a walk around town. This gives students and theirfriends plenty of time to catch up on the latest gossip, and maybe even come up with a few more “college hacks.”
These tips and tricks may not allow students to go through school without making a mistake, but they will certainly make your college experience all the more exciting and stress free. Who knows, maybe you’ll maybe even earn the label of “College Wizard.”

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