Graduate Student exhibition on display at Moss-Thorns

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Earlier this month, the Graduate Student Exhibition had its opening reception at the Moss-Thorns Gallery on campus. Directly attached to the Center for Art and Design building, the gallery hosts many exhibits throughout the year. This was the second exhibit of the Fall 2023 semester.

This exhibition in particular shows off many works created by graduate students in the major.

“This is a wonderful group of artwork,” said Gallery Director and Instructor of Interior Design Colin Scmidtberger. “The students that we have in this show are very talented, not only in the field but in multiple different mediums.”

“Hedonic Figures” by Charles Dan Schluckebier. Mild Steel, Styrofoam
“Memory” by PJ Stauffer. Acrylic

“This has been like a year and a half in the making,” said PJ Stauffer about his acrylic piece “Memory.” “Now that I have it on display, I’m like ‘you know what, this is actually good because it’s finished.’’

Now that his sculptures “Herdonic Figures” are on display in the center of the gallery, Charles Schluckebier said it makes him excited to “crank more artwork out.”

“It’s a very big motivator, like, I have half a dozen ideas right now that I’ll probably right down tonight,” Schluckebier said. 

“The piece that I made is inspired by Kansas going through a drought,” said Rylie Hazelton about her piece “I Shall Become Earth.” 

She also added how she relates the piece’s name to the cycle of life and how everything returns to the earth when it dies.

“It feels good! When I saw it I thought actually it was bigger… I remembered making it bigger than how I see it on the wall… but I’m really happy with how they displayed it,” she said. 

The graduate student exhibition will be on display through Friday and is open Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Featuring many more works of art and a variety of mediums, there are plenty of interesting pieces to see.

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