Tri-Movie Marathon – Animated Movies

BY RICARDO LUJAN This week’s marathon will be focusing on animated movies. I have chosen three distinctly different styles of animation to show just how…

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Tri-Movie Marathon: Sad Movies

BY RICARDO LUJAN This week’s marathon will be focusing on sad movies. These movies do have the possibility of making their viewers cry. Bringing a…

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Tri-Movie Marathon – Adam Sandler

BY RICARDO LUJAN Adam Sandler is a name most movie lovers know about. Sandler is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood right now…

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Tri-Movie Marathon: Action Edition

BY RICARDO LUJAN Action movies are plentiful in the film industry. Some might even say they are the definition of a Hollywood blockbuster. For this…

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Tri-Movie Marathon: Horror Edition

BY RICARDO LUJAN Halloween isn’t for another couple of months, but that doesn’t mean horror movies can’t be watched right now. It’s perfectly fine to…

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Tri-Movie Marathon: Nolan Edition

BY RICARDO LUJAN Christopher Nolan is one of the most influential directors of the past two decades. Nolan has been nominated for many awards –…

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