Graphics Design Exhibition ‘Final Draft’ at Moss Thorns Gallery


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The Graphics Design art exhibition “Final Draft” will be leaving Moss Thorns Gallery this Friday. The exhibition features many unique pieces of art, including, but not limited to, branded board games, city tourism packages, infographics, event branding, and framed graphics design pieces. Below is a photo gallery of some of these displays.

If you missed out on this exhibition but still are interested in attending the gallery, the next exhibition will begin on March 29th. This will be the Annual Student Honors Exhibition, with the reception event taking place March 31st, from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at Moss Throns Gallery.

The exhibition’s name, “Final Draft,” was shown on this display with markers so that attendees could sign it.
At the entrance, pamphlets for the gallery were available, situated by a picture of the students.
The gallery’s main room was full of displays including board games, infographics, and more, many of which were more three-dimensional.
The gallery’s second room was filled with two-dimensional graphics design works framed on the walls.
“Loud Mouth” by Easton Bradbury is a package of branded dental products.
“Ava Delgado: The Tribulation,” by Michael Felton is a stamp collection including envelopes, artist biography, stamp sheet, and more.
“The City of Vivace,” by Kyto Warner, Chance Fuhrman, Kimberly Wertz, and Easton Bradbury, is a package of branding for the city in the form of a slide show.
“March for Life,” by Easton Bradbury, is a package for a festival including merch, logos, and more.
“City of Los Dorados” by Michael Felton is another package for a city, including website, merch, social media, and more.
“Find your Pith,” by Lauren Huynh, is a board game display that includes game pieces, dice, and chips.
“Amalgams,” by Kyto Warner is a display for a puzzle-based candy and its packaging.
“Fuerina” by Daniel Perez H. is a deck of playing cards and their packaging.
“Los Dorados: Fusion Festival” by Michael Felton is a large package for a festival including merch, wristbands, website, tickets, and much more.
“Opportuminoes” by Kyto Warner is a dominoes set with instructions, baggie, and pieces.
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