Heart of a Tiger: Building a thriving work environment at FHSU

Fort Hays State University is on a mission to foster a positive culture. Uniting as a team under the acronym PRIDE, the Office of Admissions has been cultivating a positive culture that emphasizes passion, reliability, intentionality, dedication, and effectiveness. Drawing inspiration from the principles outlined in the book “The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy,” by Jon Gordon, the staff at FHSU is striving to create an engaging and positive work environment.

Passion is at the heart of our admissions staff. They strive to guide students on their Fort Hays State University journey with genuine care and support. The staff’s solid beliefs and motivation drive them to go above and beyond to ensure students’ success.

Reliability is another pillar of positive culture. Recognizing the significance of consistency, being present, and putting in the necessary effort, the staff aims to be dependable, accurate, and well-informed. By providing students with an authentic and reliable source of information, they establish themselves as a trusted resource.

Intentionality is a fundamental aspect of positivity. Deliberate in their actions, the staff demonstrates decisive decision-making and purposeful organization. They understand their role in shaping students’ futures and work tirelessly to create a supportive environment.

Dedication is a core value—employees and students alike buy into the mission, demonstrating commitment, motivation, loyalty, and enthusiasm. The staff’s dedication can be witnessed through their discipline and persistence in helping students reach their goals.

Effectiveness is paramount in FHSU’s positive culture. The staff prioritizes knowledge, efficiency, adaptability, and flexibility to resource students effectively. They pledge to be a practical resource for students, providing them with the tools and support needed to succeed.

“The Energy Bus” has played an instrumental role in fostering FHSU’s positive culture. The book resonated deeply with the staff, aligning with the principles they had instilled in their office. The simplicity and message of celebrating the good things in life resonate with the team, reinforcing the idea that positive energy shapes one’s mindset and leads to success.

The individual staff members have also adopted positive energy in their personal lives. They have discovered the power of gratitude, incorporating it into their daily routines by appreciating small acts of kindness and reflecting on what they are thankful for. Taking walks to embrace gratitude and expressing appreciation to their colleagues helps foster a more appreciative and accepting environment within the university.

The positive culture within FHSU’s Admissions Office extends beyond the team itself. They strive to make a positive impact on students, faculty, and staff throughout the university. They create a supportive community that uplifts everyone by spreading positive energy and building meaningful relationships.

The staff acknowledges the significance of their roles in students’ lives. Their positive energy is a magnet, attracting potential students and fostering long-term investment in FHSU throughout their college journey. They remain focused on genuinely caring about students’ success and ensuring they feel supported.

Through its positive culture initiatives, FHSU’s Admissions Office aims to inspire others and create a chain effect of positivity. They understand the importance of shaping one’s attitude and perspective, recognizing that a positive outlook can transform a day or life. Individuals can overcome challenges and achieve their goals by focusing on the good and celebrating successes.

The manifestation of positive culture within FHSU’s Admissions Office goes beyond lofty ideals—it encompasses their day-to-day practices and initiatives. Motivational Mondays, small gestures of appreciation, and creating a positive affirmation jar for office spaces are among the ways the team maximizes their strengths and supports one another. By lifting each other and fostering a positive work environment, they contribute to their success and the success of the students and community they serve.

The impact of a positive culture extends beyond the workplace. A team member, Grant Schmidt, emphasizes how “The Energy Bus” has taught him how to choose his response to any situation, setting the tone for his day and life. Such awareness empowers individuals to take control of their mindset and create positive outcomes.

Fort Hays State University’s Office of Admissions exemplifies the power of a positive culture. They create an environment that inspires and supports students through dedication, passion, reliability, intentionality, and effectiveness. As they continue cultivating a positive culture, they set an example for all of us and demonstrate the profound impact a positive working environment can have on success and well-being. By embracing positive energy, they have built a community that inspires and motivates others, creating positivity throughout the university and beyond.

Tisa Mason is president of Fort Hays State University.