History Club partners with Defiance Downtown for ‘Tiger Trivia’


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Individuals looking to put their knowledge to the test to compete for a “Victor E.” needn’t look further than Tiger Trivia. The FHSU History Club has partnered with Defiance Downtown to put on ‘Tiger Trivia Nights’ once a month. Last month’s Tiger Trivia was a success for both the business and the club’s fundraising efforts and both parties are anticipating another successful night this Wednesday.

Amber Nickell, assistant professor of History and the History Club Advisor for this event, previews what attendees can expect. 

“This is general trivia, with questions from across different categories,” Nickell said. “Topics will include sports, history, politics, popular culture, and more.”

Teams can be made up of any number of people between two and eight players and if competitors come alone, the club will find you a team with some of the history club members. The event will begin at 5:30 at Defiance Downtown. 

“The rules are a bit different than most trivia games, in that there is a wager element. This means that the playing field is a little more level,” Nickell said. “We don’t rapid-fire questions; rather, there is ample time to discuss questions as a team while eating great pizza. The format of our trivia is unique. You will have to come to find out what I mean by this.”

Nickell said the History Club initially reached out to Defiance about a possible partnership, and they were excited to work with the club.

“Defiance wants to develop closer relationships with the campus as we too would like to develop closer relationships with local businesses,” she said. 

General Manager at Defiance Downtown Amanda Sloan, recounts a similar experience with working with the FHSU History Club.

“The FHSU History Club had originally reached out to us about hosting a trivia night here, and we jumped at the opportunity to get more involved with FHSU,” Sloan said. “This event benefits both parties by not only introducing Defiance Downtown to those that haven’t had the pleasure, but also letting Defiance give back to the club. We donate a portion of the proceeds after each event.”

Sloan said it is important for university organizations and clubs to partner with local businesses in the Hays community. 

“It is very important for our local businesses to get involved with our youth to introduce them to a world of networking and experiences,” she said. “I think by reaching out to them, we are setting a tone for the future when they are in the position to help mold the students and fuel a fire.”

Nickell is appreciative of the partnership Defiance offers the History Club. 

“Defiance is an amazing host. They provide the sound equipment, location, and a $25 gift card for the winning team,” she said. “They also give History Club 10% of all sales on food and nonalcoholic beverages. The history club uses these funds for student events and travel.”

In addition to their enjoyment of partnering with Defiance, Nickell explains that the History Club’s Tiger Trivia Night was largely successful in October.

“Last month’s event was very successful. We had over 20 teams compete,” she said. “The food and drinks were amazing. The vibes were good. We are looking forward to an even bigger turnout this time.”

Sloan also touches on the success of October’s trivia night.

“Guests were able to experience a fun and inviting atmosphere that exercised your mind and made you laugh with the best of them,” she said. “We expect the same outcome or better for this week.”

Sloan describes how events like these are beneficial to everyone involved.

“I think these events bring out a variety of people that may not have normally attended different events,” she said. “I think it invites people to network and make new connections, all while having some good quality fun.”

The History Club has set up the night of trivia in two rounds with 11 questions each round. The winning team gets a $25 gift certificate to Defiance and stickers that say, ‘Won this Victor E. at Tiger Trivia.’

The History Club has new stickers printed every 50 stickers, each with a different Victor E. Mascot. They are badges of honor that winners can collect to demonstrate their trivia skills.

Nickell also speaks on the inclusion of FHSU’s large online student audience, as the History Club will be hosting a virtual Tiger Trivia for FHSU Online students at 6:00 p.m. on December 6.

“Virtual students, staff, and faculty can bring their teams of family and friends, and they too have a chance to win the super cool sticker,” she said. “The format/style are the same, one just has to order pizza from their local establishment. I know we will be eating Defiance here in Hays.”

The History Club has also already set the dates for Tiger Trivia at Defiance for the Spring 2024 semester. These dates are as follows: January 31, February 28, March 27, and April 24, always at 5:30 pm.

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