FHSU Esports Club to host third annual 24-hour charity stream this weekend


Tiger Media Network

The Fort Hays State University Esports Club will be hosting its third annual 24-hour live charity fundraiser this weekend. The stream will begin on Saturday at noon and end 24 hours later on Sunday at noon. 

Kevin Shaffer, the faculty sponsor for Esports Club, gives a brief description of the Esports-hosted event. 

“The Esport Club will conduct a charity fundraiser for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) where club members will put on a 24-hour live video stream with a very wide variety of computer game play and associated activities,” Shaffer said. 

The complete gaming schedule for this 24-hour stream is as follows:

  • 12pm-1pm: Introduction
  • 1pm-2pm: Mario party
  • 2pm-3pm: Ultimate Chicken Horse
  • 3pm-5pm: Mario Platformers
  • 5pm-7pm: Wii Bowling Tournament
  • 7pm-8pm: Spider Heck
  • 8pm-10pm: DnD
  • 10pm-11pm: Dead by Daylight
  • 11pm-12am: Metroid Dread
  • 12am-1am: Five Nights at Freddies
  • 1am-2am: Bioshock
  • 2am-3am: Nidhogg
  • 3am-5am: Resident Evil 4
  • 5am-6am: Poppy Playtime
  • 6am-7am: Crab Fight
  • 7am-8am: Breakfast
  • 8am-9am: Taiko no Tatsujin
  • 9am-11am: Mario Kart Tournament
  • 11am-12pm: Just Dance

Shaffer describes the logistics of this charity fundraiser that will be supporting the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI).

“Donations are made using the club’s fundraiser page on the NAMI website,” he said. “100% of donations go directly to NAMI.”

The link to the NAMI donation page can be found at https://donate.nami.org/fundraiser/5091167.

Esports Club President, Caden Sutter builds off of Shaffer’s statement by explaining that while the Esports Club will not be matching donations there will be several other donation incentives offered including hair dying and an ice bucket challenge.

Shaffer mentions all donations are free will and that there are no tickets required to watch the stream.

As for the stream itself, Shaffer provides details.

“An in-person event is not set up, but viewers can watch online and some particular game events on the schedule will allow online viewers to join online gameplay,” he said. 

Spectators can watch the stream at http://twitch.tv/fhsuesports and donations can be made to NAMI through the donation page https://donate.nami.org/fundraiser/5091167.

Sutter wants to thank his executive team as they have been crucial to this process.

“I’d like to thank my fellow officers Tatum Sander, Mollie Houtz, and Katy Harris as well as our faculty advisor Kevin Shaffer,” Sutter said. “They have all proven to be instrumental to the planning and setup of our fundraiser.”

For more information regarding this event or the FHSU Esports Club, please reach out to Caden at c_sutter@mail.fhsu.edu .