Students for Life host Pro-Life table


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Students for Life held their first Pro-Life table of the semester at Memorial Union last Monday, offering visuals for students and conveying their position on the abortion debate. At the booth, the pro-life organization showcased an interactive table surrounded by displays of prenatal development and talking points.

President of Students for Life, Haylee Hafenstein, said tabling in the Memorial Union aims to shed light on the realities of abortion while fostering meaningful conversations among students at Fort Hays State University.

“The main mission of Students for Life is to abolish abortion in this lifetime and provide support and resources for women,” Hafenstein said.

Vice President of Students for Life, Rylie Zeller, said the Students for Life table at the Union was an effort to educate as many people as possible about the challenges abortion poses to women while also encouraging others to speak up.

“We are bringing an important topic to a populated area to increase awareness for our group,” Zeller said. “We hope to empower fellow pro-life students to take a stand in their beliefs, and know they are not alone in the fight.”

In preparation for their table at the Union, the Students for Life group arranged a meeting to discuss how to effectively communicate with others on campus.

Highlighted aspects of productive dialogue with others include listening, asking questions, finding shared agreements and being considerate.

“When engaging with different viewpoints, it’s important to find common ground, even if it’s something small we can agree on. We focus on respect, truth, and kindness in all our conversations,” Zeller said.

Students engaging in conversation with Student for Life members

According to Hafenstein, approximately 100 people approached the table between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. to engage in conversation with Students for Life.

“Regardless of differing opinions, we value all human life and simply want to create understanding on our campus,” Hafenstein said.

The interactive table featured a tablecloth displaying a timeline of human growth and development in the womb. Participants had the chance to drop a small stone into jars aligned with the timeline, expressing their perspectives on when they believe life begins.

Jars placed alongside the tablecloth with a timeline of human development in the womb

Students were also asked to sign a petition that will be sent out to state and national representatives to encourage them to protect pre-born children. 

“The petition aims to remind that as an elective representative, they have the responsibility to protect the rights of all human persons, especially the most vulnerable and urges them to stand up for the right to life for pre-born children,” Hafenstein said.

In January, members of Students for Life will participate in the annual March for Life in Washington D.C., as well as the March and Rally for Life in Topeka.

“We are not fighting for our own selfish beliefs, we are fighting for the innocent pre-born who never get that chance to have a voice,” Zeller said.

The online Students for Life merchandise store is currently open until Thursday with a variety of t-shirt and sweatshirt designs.

The student-led organization will have their next meeting on December 7.