PHOTOS: 321A State Wrestling – Medal Rounds


Drew Bretz of Hoxie and Drew Withington of Atwood-Rawlins County battle for the Class 321A Kansas state title at the 165lbs weight class.
Bretz of Hoxie celebrates his win as the 2023 165lbs Kansas State Champion.
Garrett Urban of Norton Community struggles to take down Luke Fischer of Larned as they lock in the early minutes of the 190lbs weight class championship match.
Overwhelmed with emotion, Luke Fischer of Larned looks to his home crowd as his arm is raised in victory.
Exhausted after putting up a powerful performance, Garrett Urban of Norton Community is the state runner-up for the 190lbs weight class.
Later on, during the medalist ceremony, Luke Fischer of Larned smiles from atop the podium.
During the 106lbs weight class championship, Brogan Monty of Beloit looks to his coaches for advice.
On the podium for the 106lbs weight class medalist ceremony, Brogan Monty of Beloit can’t help but crack a smile as he is the 2023 State Champion.
Jefferson Otter of Norton Community prepares for his final match of the year during the 215lbs weight class against Eli Franklin of Smith Center.
Otter and Eli Franklin lock early into what would prove to be one of the most exciting matches of the evening for Gross Memorial Coliseum.
After a long and enduring clash with Otter of Norton Community, Franklin expresses his excitement towards his home crowd after being deemed the winner.
Eli Franklin of Smith Center stands tall and smiles proudly during the 215lbs weight class medalist ceremony from atop the podium.
Gavin Schippers of Hoxie struggles to break free from Joshua Grimm of Sabetha during the 285lbs weight class championship.
Schippers of Hoxie points towards his homestand as his arm is raised in triumph.
Ian Giancola of Hoxie looks to be struggling against Logan Courtois of Burlingame during the early stages of the 113lbs weight class championship.
Giancola of Hoxie fails to contain his excitement as the new 2023 113lbs weight class 321A Champion.
Mason Younger of Ellis holds Wayne Shepard of Hoxie down during the 126lbs weight class championship.
AJ Polansky of Belleville-Republic County contemplates his next move against opponent Kaden Sisson of Phillipsburg during the 120lbs weight class championship.
Polansky and head coach, Adam Polansky of Belleville-Republic County share a special moment as they celebrate AJ’s win as the 120lbs weight class Champion.
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