FHSU Student Organization Feature – Alpha Kappa Psi


Today’s student organization feature is about Fort Hays State University’s very own chapter of the “oldest and longest business fraternity in the world.” Although Alpha Kappa Psi is “deemed the premier developer of principled business leaders” and a “fraternity,” it is far more inclusive than you may think. Alpha Kappa Psi (AKPsi) is a co-ed fraternity that is open to students of all majors, not just traditional business majors. 

Rosa-Lena (Josie) Frisbie, president of AKPsi, speaks more on the inclusivity of the fraternity.

“When most people hear about Alpha Kappa Psi, they think we are closed to business majors only. When in fact, that is not the case,” Frisbie said. “We are a co-ed business fraternity, and our chapter currently has 39 members representing all majors and ages. Anybody and everybody can

benefit from being involved with this organization.” 

She continues by saying fraternity members consist of faculty members, alums, and gives a brief definition of what a student member of AKPsi looks like. 

“A student member is an individual who is properly registered and actively pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree from a college or university that promotes a course of study not fewer than two academic years in length for any such degree and who has been duly initiated into a College Chapter (FHSU akpsi),” she said.

Frisbie then describes a few of the advantages that AKPsi provides for its members to prime, cultivate, and shape students into principled business leaders.

“Once you become a member, we have countless benefits,” Frisbie said. “We have leadership opportunities by running for the Executive Board or attending leadership workshops. Numerous scholarships, local and national. Our annual blood drive or other service events offer opportunities to give back to the local community.”

Frisbie talks about the organization’s many options off of campus.

“Our fraternity also has travel opportunities for events like Academy, Convention, Pathways, and Elevate,” she said. “These events include hands-on leadership, Celebration of Brotherhood, Brothers Night Out, educational leadership experience, and Certificate Programs, all while networking with business professionals and other members throughout the whole nation.”

Frisbie goes on to recount her favorite memory through AKPsi as one of these travel opportunities.

“One of my most memorable moments was our trip to Miami this summer for the 61st Convention of AKPsi,” she said. “This was my first trip with the organization. From this opportunity, I was able to travel and explore new places, meet and converse with other chapters from a multitude of schools, and grow closer to my fellow brothers.” 

Frisbie is a strong advocate for anyone interested in joining AKPSi, and she is also a firm believer that students should get involved on campus in whatever their niche might be, even if they’re not interested in being a future brother.

“Fort Hays has so many organizations and clubs on campus that students can be involved in. This creates a multitude of opportunities for students to navigate their passions, pursue their interests, and find their niches,” she said.

She states that being involved on campus gets you out of your comfort zone and she is a firm believer that it is very important to be involved both on and off campus.

“Whether you are in a club or working a job, you are making connections with new people. These connections could turn into a potential job or even a lifelong friend down the road,” Frisbie said. “I’ve witnessed firsthand the support the community gives not only to FHSU, but to AKPsi. I’m proud to be a part of an organization that gives back not only to the campus, but to the city of Hays as well.”

Mikayla Larkin, vice president of membership within Alpha Kappa Psi, speaks on her personal experience with joining the professional fraternity.

“Before joining Alpha Kappa Psi, I was not involved in any clubs on campus. Before joining, I never truly understood what it meant to be a respected member of an organization,” Larkin said. “AKPsi has not only helped me become a stronger business professional, but it has also helped set me up for the business world.”

Larkin agrees with Frisbie about the personal gains of getting out of your comfort zone through the involvement of organizations like AKPsi.

“This organization has gotten me out of my comfort zone, and now I am Vice President of Membership,” she said. “Before getting involved, I would have never thought I would take on a responsibility like this. However, after having the opportunity, I have found that recruiting new members is something I genuinely enjoy, and that this is possibly something I want to do in my future career. I would have never known I enjoyed recruiting before joining Alpha Kappa Psi.”

AKPsi’s recruitment consists of numerous events. There is an equal mix of social and service events. Although many of these opportunities have passed, it is not too late to get involved.

Those interested in joining AKPsi, can attend the Chapter meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday in the Black and Gold Room in the Memorial Union. This will be the induction of AKPsi’s potential pledges. Induction is the first step to becoming a member of Alpha Kappa Psi. From there, attendees will go through a pledge process, which the VP of Membership (Larkin) will lead.
For more information on Alpha Kappa Psi can be found on their official website at https://akpsi.org/ or FHSU’s AKPsi Chapter you can be found on their Tigerlink at https://tigerlink.fhsu.edu/organization/akpsi their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/fhsuakp or their Instagram profile at https://www.instagram.com/akpsi.zetapi/