SGA discusses voting resolution and adding international students to Senate


Even with the semester winding down, the Student Government Association is still working towards adopting new bills and resolutions.

One resolution and two bills were up for first reading at last night’s meeting. While the bills deal with the routine business of installing new senate members, the resolution recommends a change in the Fort Hays Academic Policies and Procedures for Class Attendance. Originated by Legislative Affairs Director Ella Burrows, the change would count voting as an excused absence for students who are registered to vote in their permanent place of residence, not Ellis County.

The resolution states “The mission of Fort Hays State University is ‘to develop the engaged global citizen-leaders our world needs today,’. . . Any student who is absent as a result of fulfilling their civic duty to vote in all elections should not be penalized for the absence.” 

A vote to determine whether or not the resolution is adopted will happen next week. According to Burrows, she has also discussed the resolution with the Faculty Senate.

As for old business, the senators voted unanimously to adopt a bill that adds a seat for an international student. The change will be implemented immediately, giving the approximately 130 international students “a voice in campus issues and activities,” according to the bill’s wording.

“When a bill passes it changes our bylaws, so you guys can go out and start recruiting international students,” SGA President Ryan Stanley told the senators.

Another topic emphasized by the executive staff was the Tiger Food Exchange. The food pantry, housed in Forsyth Library, was recently fully restocked with the help of a federal grant given to the university. Totaling $80,000, all of the grant money must be used by June 1. Most of the money will go towards the Food Exchange, but it can also be used to provide hygiene products.

“They had fresh eggs, bacon and milk that went in three hours, so it’s pretty cool that students are utilizing that,” Vice President Austin Ruff said. 

According to Ruff, the pantry will be moving to the union next semester.

Tiger Media Network Director Nick Schwien was present at the meeting as the guest speaker. He reported that TMN has had over 60 students produce content since this summer. He spoke of the organization’s goals, which are to create as much quality content as possible and continue to increase student involvement.

The next SGA meeting will be the last of the semester, and is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on December 8 at BriefSpace, 219 W 10th St.

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