PHOTOS: Wrestling hosts annual ‘Black and Gold’ scrimmage


On Thursday night, the FHSU wrestling team competes in the annual Black and Gold Scrimmage to showcase their talents before their season begins. Clint Herrick, in gold, and Hunter Harris, in black, work to get position over the other under the spotlight.
Justus Hulse, in black, and Drew Burgoon, in gold, flip over each other a few times during their match. Burgoon won this matchup for team gold.
Cody Hicks slams Cody Lambert as they wrestle. “I felt good tonight,” said Hicks. “At first I struggled getting down on weight but now I’m feeling good and am very excited to get the season kicked off.”
Cade Lindsey and Matthew Rodriguez get into a very pretzel-like position, fighting for control during their matchup.
Bryce Westmoreland pulls on Ryan Tiers shoulder, trying to snatch a pin for team black during the scrimmage. Westmoreland wins the matchup with a 6-1 score.
The ref gives 2 Tereus Henry points for a take down. “We’ve been working hard on the mats,” said Hicks. “The team wrestled well, we got to see a lot of good matches tonight.”
“I’m feeling prepared [for this upcoming season],” said Henry. “I still have some things to adjust but I’m feeling ready.”
Lindsey comes up underneath Rodriguez to throw him off balance as wrestling supporters and teammates watch.
Tony Caldwell and Tra Barrientes push each other around as they face off.
Jacob Mitchell snuck up on Drew Bell as he forced Bell on his head. They had a fast-paced match up.
Blayze Standley gets into position to begin the next period in his match up against Juan Urbina.
During their match, Standley clutches Urbina’s leg as he tries to pull Urbina to his back.
“I’m most excited to just have fun this season, going to nationals, being on that podium and kicking butt,” said Henry. “Opening up is something we want to work on moving forward,” added Hicks. The wrestlers will officially start their season on November 4th, in Denver, Colorado, for a dual against Northern Colorado University.
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