FHSU Gender & Sexuality Alliance hosts first meeting of year


FHSU’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) officers hosted a meeting on Monday to introduce their plans for the year. Taking the lead as president, Kathryn Doty presented the guidelines of the GSA at the pedestal in hopes of providing a safe, comfortable, and healthy environment for those who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

 Doty was accompanied by Vice President Kiernan McCarty, Treasurer Charlie Schmanke, and Social Media Coordinator Mariah Blankenbaker as she launched another year with the GSA.

Academic advisor Elizabeth Downing Turner was pleased to announce that 42 members attended the first GSA meeting of the year. Turner was sure to welcome every new member with outstretched arms and welcoming smiles alongside the club officers.

“We are not here to censor you, and we trust you to censor yourselves,” Doty said as she opened the GSA presentation. 

The GSA President reassured that members might feel free to approach an advisor or officer to discuss “triggering” or “heavy” topics but requested that everyone avoid those topics in group discussions to provide a lighthearted and comforting atmosphere for everyone else in the group. 

The officers continued a conversation on respect and setting boundaries, encouraging everyone to prioritize their wellbeing and settle in knowing that they will be able to find people to vouch for them in any case that they need support. 

Continuing forward, the group discussed events they plan to do this upcoming school year. GSA officials announced they will host an event on National Coming Out day on October 11th. 

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