Hometown Feature: Get to Know La Crosse, KS


At only half an hour from Hays, La Crosse may be known as no more than that town south where flashing signs force drivers to slow down to the grueling speed of 20 mph.

But if you have a moment to stop and visit what you’re slowing down for, you may appreciate those extra minutes La Crosse adds to your journey a little more.

Tourist spots

Barbed Wire Museum

On the south edge of town rests an elaborate collection of an essential aspect of history that most non-farmers probably never consider. Thousands of samples of different varieties of barbed wire are available to be viewed for free, paired with an optional tour that teaches its history.

Livestock Market

If you want to watch cattle or simply listen to the auctioneers for a few hours, the La Crosse Livestock Market is the main stop for most ranchers for about a hundred miles. The sales take place on set Fridays; a complete schedule can be found here.


JCT4 Diner

Small towns, especially ones that are mostly driven past, tend to hold the best old-timey diners, and JCT4 is one of these treasures.

My choice: the basket of fried pickles—they’re spears, not slices!

Taco Grande

La Crosse, unfortunately, lacks Hays’s range of Mexican restaurants, so it’s good that Taco Grande is still a tasty option.


A Second Chance

Thrift stores in small towns have some of the best selections. If you’re looking for some solid pre-owned goodies, stop by La Crosse’s main street thrift shop.

The best way to get to know a place—especially small towns—is to slow down and take in your surroundings by walking or coasting down the business district and pulling over at any intriguing stops.  

Embrace the scenic route—even when it’s an obligatory part of the journey. 

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