Getting ready for college Part 1

*This is the 1st part of a 4 part series on being new to Fort Hays State University, each new part will be released every Monday.

There are a lot of people that chose to go to college and are unsure about what they want to do with their lives. While I cannot tell you what to do with your life, I can hopefully guide you in the right direction to succeed in college.

Let’s start off with the basics, my opinion of what college is; College is, for most, the time in your life when you are still young and able to make mistakes. First and foremost college is a learning experience that high school did not prepare you for. Outside of courses and homework, college teaches you how to manage a checking account, pay bills on time and what to expect in the real world after college.

A common question asked among current students is about the necessity of general education courses. You will hear people ask something like, “If I want to go into Nursing why do I have to take an English Composition 2 class?”

The answer is, simply, college rounds you out, throwing you head first, kicking and screaming into stuff you do not think you want to do. It took me four years, but I found if I sit in a general education class and do my best to ask myself the question “how will or does this class fit into my current major?” I get a lot more out of the class. Even College Algebra, which, as a media studies major, seems that it will not be useful, but in reality, the focus that algebra requires can be easily transferred to the step-oriented nature of media studies.

Now when you first get to college you may feel small and lost, this is why during your freshman year you are required to stay in the dorms, because it, once again, throws you into college life head first, and into friendships you normally would have not accepted.

Each building on campus has a purpose, during your campus tour, pay attention to which building houses which department. Keep a map handy, through the FHSU mobile app, or a physical copy. The Leader is the FHSU newspaper, pick up the back to school edition your first week to see if they also have a map available.

Now the million dollar question, what should you bring with you to college. Alright, there is no easy answer to this because at your comfortable house you probably have a lot of stuff and dorm rooms are tiny. Generally speaking, be sure to bring: clothes for all types of weather, umbrella, towels, hand soap, shower supplies, toothbrush and paste, pens, 3-ringed college ruled notebooks, Post-it notes, entertainment(movies, video games, etc.) and twin XL bedding for your bed. It is best to also check with your future roommate about who will bring a microwave and mini fridge.

Hopefully by your sophomore year you will have adjusted to college life; until then, Your peers will be a great source of advice to help you succeed in college.

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