What it takes to be a Tiger: Leading A student body to success


Photos courtesy Mark Faber

It goes without saying that one of the most influential Tigers on campus is the Student Body President. Maintaining a busy schedule while continuously striving to help students in any way possible is just one of the many roles SGA President Mark Faber takes on, but to him, it’s much more than that. 

“Recycling is one of my main passions at the moment. I am currently reviewing FHSU’s recycling program and working to put together a plan for the future that FHSU can utilize to increase sustainability in an affordable way,” Faber said. “Another passion of mine is actively working to educate FHSU students about Sexual Assault on the FHSU campus as well as across the country.”

As these are just some of his main goals as president for the remainder of the year, he believes that when it comes to heavy issues such as sexual assault on campus, it is vital that students are educated on getting help and assisting others in getting in contact with the right people.

“As well as educating, I am also reviewing the protocol for reporting a sexual assault to see how it can be better streamlined to encourage victims to report. Another important aspect of this is making sure that sexual assault victims and accused individuals are aware of the services that FHSU offers and how to access these services,” he said. “Finally, the last thing I am reviewing within this topic is to see if there are any additional services that FHSU should be providing these students.”

Faber, a graduate student from Colby, was elected Student Government Association President last year after his friend and now Vice President of Student Government, Ryan Stanley, pushed him to run. 

“Last year, I was determined to be accepted to medical school, and due to COVID, the application process was running behind the typical time frame. I had not been accepted and my friend Ryan Stanley mentioned to me after a senate meeting that we should run for president and vice president,” Faber said. “I had never considered the idea, but as he explained it I thought it sounded like an excellent opportunity for both of us. We both desired to make a lasting impact on the university that has provided us with so many incredible opportunities.”

As far as Faber’s schedule, he admits that while it seems crazy and he may be involved in a lot, he still finds free time throughout his day to still make time for himself and see friends as well. 

“I am currently the president of the Student Government Association and the American Healthy Heart Association. I am a member of the Fort Hays Honor Society and a co-founder of the Insulin-Aid project. I often help out with a number of different activities put on by different clubs across campus, most recently, I presented at an MCAT study night for the Pre-Med Club,” Faber said. “Along with this, I am a pole vaulter on the track team, where I have seen some success finishing last season ranked 14th in the nation. FHSU’s men’s pole vaulting squad finished the last season ranked 3rd nationally.”

Leading his team of SGA is no easy task. But freshman senator Emma Day states that Faber handles everything with ease and puts in the extra effort to always help others succeed. 

“Mark is a great example of an authentic leader. It is easy to see he values the input of students and works hard to be a voice, and a positive role model for FHSU. I believe his presidency will be considered a great success,” Day said. 

As far as Faber’s passions go, he is all about wanting to help others through eventually becoming an Ophthalmologist and helping correct people’s vision.

“My passion is to become a doctor and more specifically an eye surgeon (Ophthalmologist). Helping people has always been a goal of mine and being a doctor allows me to combine my interest of science with helping people. Eyes have always been the first thing I notice in a person and the intricacies of the eye have awed scientists for years,” Faber said. “I can’t think of a more exciting job than eye surgery. To have patients that come in not being able to see or not being able to see clearly and be able to help them gain the miracle of sight again is something I would never get tired of.”

To Faber, being a Tiger is about using the resources available to students on campus, and to truly buy into the family that is FHSU. 

“When I first came to FHSU, I, like many students, did not have a lot of Tiger Spirit. I quickly began to realize that all Tigers are blessed with a beautiful campus but an even more incredible faculty and staff that want nothing more than to see us succeed. To be a Tiger to me means to be a part of a family that is excited and optimistic about the impact that they can make within the world,” he said. “FHSU has provided me with my best friends and has pushed me to become so much more than I ever thought was possible. Being a Tiger opens up a multitude of opportunities to better your future and it is an inclusive group that has something to offer every single person.” 

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