United Methodist Campus Center hosts presentation on fighting sex trafficking


On October 7, the United Methodist Campus Center hosted a presentation about speaking out against sex trafficking with Rachel Palmberg, who is the first featured speaking of the Cambridge Lecture Series. Palmberg, who is now working as a full time missionary overseas, shared her experience about her time in Africa, and southeast Asia in working with survivors both in human and sex trafficking. 


She helps local police and organizations to help survivors of international trafficking across borders. 

“It’s important to recognize the science and try to stop it, but really it’s just being there for people who are vulnerable to being in it,” she said. 

Palmberg also mentions that those who wish to help can look online for helplines if they suspect someone who is being trafficked, and can support local organizations around the world. She worked with Night Light International (NLI) in Bangkok and said you can help by having an internship or being a volunteer. 

Palmberg will be traveling back to Africa in the end of October to keep on helping surviving women who experience in human trafficking. 

“I’m just hoping to raise awareness of the issue and what’s happening and encourage those who have the heart and the interest in the calling to go out and be involved,” Palmberg said. “And if you know a little girl like me from Hays, KS can go and do it, then anyone can.” 

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