Hispanic dance sessions bring additional culture to FHSU campus


The end of the semester brought the Hispanic dance sessions hosted by the Modern Languages Department and the Spanish Club to a close for the year. Spanish dance sessions were a weekly event centered on the celebration of Hispanic and related cultures through dance. The sessions were directly hosted by Dr. Espino-Bravo and Dr. English on Wednesdays each semester and will resume next semester. 

According to Espino-Bravo the Hispanic dances sessions were started in 2008 by the spanish club. She further discussed how Hispanic dance sessions are a means to share culture with students.

“We try to make it more interesting by giving a little background about each dance,” Espino-Bravo said. 

Each dance session consisted of a selected instructor starting off with stretching and a short instruction on the history or historical facts concerning the dance. After which the dance of the day would begin. Hispanic dance sessions consist of different dance instructors including English,  Espino-Bravo, and Hannah Wiebe. 

The dance sessions provide a variety of dances to learn. Salsa, Ballet, and Hula are just some of the dance offerings. Sessions end with a stretch and positive affirmation for the hard work of the dance group. There is even more to come next semester as English and Espino-Bravo intend to introduce new dances for students to learn and experience.

According to Dr. Espino Bravo, one of the goals of Hispanic dance sessions is to share diversity and culture with the FHSU family. The Hispanic dance Sessions were recently honored at the Student Organization Awards Ceremony for Best New Event for the Virtual Talent Show (Fall 2020), The Civic Engagement Award for all of our community outreach through the Hispanic dance Sessions (dance instructors Dr. Espino-Bravo, Dr. English, Miss Wiebe, and Miss Tiscareno), The Diversity Ally Award, which was presented to Sofi Tiscareno Spanish Club (Treasurer and one of the dance instructors of the Hispanic dance Sessions).

“Dance is a language that expresses music through the movement of the body,” Espino-Bravo said. 

Dance sessions will resume in the fall semester on Wednesdays, in person, and on Zoom,  and will continue throughout the spring semester. The sessions will include new and old dances, and will continue to be an opportunity for the expression of diverse culture through music on campus at Fort Hays State University.

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