SGA discusses campuses improvements, supports Gov. Kelly’s veto


As FHSU begins its Master Plan, it is looking to its students for suggestions for improvements to campus facilities.

Because of this, Neal Kessler and John Perry of SmithGroup, which is forming the plan, attended Thursday’s Student Government Association meeting. The student senators shared their own suggestions with Kessler and Perry.

“[The Master Plan is] sort of looking into the future for the next 10, 20 years,” Kessler said.

During the conversation, students raised a number of suggestions and questions. Topics included plans for sustainability, improved lighting and trees planted around the track facility.

Multiple students raised concerns about campus study spaces, requesting private study areas closer to academic buildings and updates to Forsyth Library.

Students also discussed the need for a multicultural center on campus, which Kessler acknowledged was present on many university campuses.

As the discussion concluded, Kessler encouraged students to fill out the survey that was sent to them. Here, students across campus can note their ideas or concerns.

“You can use the map in that survey and tell us exactly where there are problems,” he said.

Also during the night’s meeting, the SGA heard short reports from members of its executive staff.

Both Vice President Bryson Homman and Community Relations Director Jayden Siebert reminded the senators that the Big Event would take place the following Saturday. This event gives students the opportunity to volunteer in the Hays community.

Legislative Affairs Director Crystal Rojas reported that the student senators would hear a resolution for supporting Gov. Laura Kelly’s veto of the ban on transgender athletes.

This resolution originated from the Wichita State University SGA and was given to the FHSU SGA prior to Kelly’s official veto earlier that day. The FHSU student senators moved the resolution to emergency business and then voted in favor of it.

Before concluding the meeting, the students senators also passed a bill allowing the Alpha Kappa Psi fraternity to utilize rollover funds to attend a conference that was rescheduled.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

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