Streaming Wars: A new foe has appeared! Paramount hits the scene


The streaming wars’ first hurdle was the unexpected coronavirus epidemic and while all platforms had setbacks, they have bounced back with new content. HBO Max Recently announced a lineup of films that will be added to their streaming library without an extra fee, along with Disney having opted for a simultaneous release schedule has curbed some of the complications of the COVID-19 film experience. 

However, another new battle begins for streaming giants. As more streaming services enter the fray, the battle to stay relevant, competitive, and unique in the services offered intensifies. The most recent launch is that of Paramount+.

Like HBO Max and Disney+, Paramount+ is contributing to this era’s focus on revivals and reboots. Many shows and films have been given the green light all over the industry representing this trend. Properties such as  Looney Tunes, Mortal Kombat, The Animaniacs, Gremlins, The Boondocks and others have been slated to receive this reboot treatment. Paramount+ adds to the zeitgeist of the generation by revving some of its own properties. 

Like HBO Max and some of its Cartoon Network properties such as Adventure Time: Distant Lands, Paramount+ is focusing on reviving some of its Nickelodeon content. With a Rugrats remake, an iCarly Reboot, and a Spongebob prequel series on the way it brings into question why Nickelodeon properties were rebooted on the Netflix platform in the first place.

While the Nickelodeon reboot content from Paramount+ looks very promising, let’s take a look at the back catalog and currently aired content. Paramount+ will feature a fair selection of content from the networks the service comprises including Nickelodeon, CBS, BET, MTV, Comedy Central, The Smithsonian Channel alongside their original content. Bringing shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race, the new Clarice Series, and renewed Macgyver series to viewers.  

The slew of content coming to Paramount+ is impressive but can it stand up to the upcoming content offered by other streaming services. Each of the major streaming services has an expansive library of legacy content as well as new productions. The reboots are in plethora as well on these streaming services. With reboots and continuations being the focus of Disney and HBO, whether or not Paramount’s reality programming will be enough is yet to be determined. 

Paramount+ recently launched at $6 a month with the first month free.

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