Is the Weather Affecting Student’s Day-to-Day Life?


As of late, the Kansas weather has shown its true colors being more than extreme. A few weeks ago, it was sunny with a bit of wind and even reached 60 degrees.This weekend; however, it was dreary, snowing at times, with a high of five degrees and a low of -9 degrees.  Quickly students had to adjust to the freezing temperatures and to the new problems that arose with the cold weather. 

When questioned about how the freezing temps and brisk winds affected her, Jacey Wideman, a freshman at FHSU, explained that it made even the simplest of tasks hard to do. 

“The cold, gloomy weather makes it difficult to do daily tasks, such as exercise and attend class,” Wideman said. “It gives me little motivation to work on homework.”  

Maggie Nech, another freshman at FHSU expanded on Wideman’s thoughts stating it’s hard to get through the day, let alone do the homework assigned to her. 

“This cold weather gives me very little motivation to go on throughout the day,” Nech said. “It makes me not want to go to classes and it is difficult to do homework.” 

Freshman Alexis Arasmith does not see the cold weather as a huge problem, but is ready for Spring to come nonetheless. 

“Honestly, this cold weather is making me want to stay inside all day,” Arasmith said. “It’s not a bad thing, but I am extremely ready for warm weather.” 

As most students have carried the consensus that the cold has affected their student life, freshman Kaylee Oehmke touches on the idea that the chill has acted on her social life as well. 

“I don’t like to leave the dorms nearly as much as I normally do. I’m a pretty social person, but when the temperatures drop, I tend to stay inside and in bed,” Oehmke said.  

While many students are not enjoying the cold weather, there are some who don’t see the frigid temperatures as a negative. Macie Yoder, a freshman at FHSU said she has no preference on the weather, although she is ready for warmer temperatures for the resurgence nicer weather will bring to campus. 

“I honestly don’t mind the cold weather. We never got this much snow at home so it’s a nice change,” Yoder said. “However, I am excited for spring and to see the college students out back of Victor E. Village throwing the football around again.” 

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