Percussion Group performing on April 3rd

Students interested in the percussion performance groups should be happy for next month. On Thursday, April 3 at 7:30 p.m. the Fort Hays State Ensemble Percussion ensemble will perform at the Beach/Schmidt Auditorium on the FHSU campus. Originally scheduled for February the concert will give audience members a variety of music that they could enjoy.

Recently I had a chance to talk Kevin Pham about the concert.

How long have you been performing for the percussion group.

“I have stared being involved with the ensemble groups for three years back in 2011” Pham said “And I have been enjoying it ever since.”

How long have you known Dean Kranzler as part of the group?

“I have known Deans for three years when I first started performing for the percussion group as part as the ensemble group.”

What are some types of the musical instrument that you and the other members of the percussion group plays?

“We play quite a few, such as a Ziolo phone, drums, base drums, and a lot more. What is great about it is you get to use those instrument but you can also add more and more instruments that would make the music sound even better.”

What are you most excited about the concert come April 3rd?

“What excites me the most is just playing with the group and not only that it is also really fun.”

What are some things that you can tell me about the event?

“We have a variety of the music for those who go to the concert, such as music that have high points that are really exciting and others that have low points, but we also do duets, solos, and the full process of having the full ensemble group performing music in front of an audience.”

For more information about the percussion group and the concert you can contact the FHSU Department of Music at (785)628-4533.

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