Circle K Club Sends Letters to Military Members


On Wednesday, January 29th, Circle K Club had a meeting at Memorial Union Trails Room where members wrote letters to active duty military members. Circle K Club is a club does service and activities. Members of CKI perform more than 1 million hours of service on their campuses and in their communities every year. They believe that service can make the world better. The reason why they held this specific activity is that they can do service for soldiers and troops, the organizer Jennifer Gonzalez said, and this is the second that for them to hold this activity. 

Solders have paid a lot for this country and may even give their lives for this country. They are not afraid of death and rain of bullets to protect the safety of people. They use their strong arms to support people’s safety and give them hope. In the war, in order to defend the country and protect people, they walked in hell on earth. In peaceful times, they stand in their posts with steadfast strength. For everything to progress peacefully, they are the most silent devotees. We have many opportunities to say thanks to people around us. However, for those in the military, we should be more grateful as it can be difficult for us to express our gratitude. 

This activity offered a good chance to express our gratitude for soldiers and troops. Even if we don’t know their name, origin, and position, but the gratitude we express is sincere. Letters will be mailed out within a week of this activity. I believe that after receiving these letters, they will be very happy and work harder to continue contributing their power to this country.

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