Culture and Conversation gives Positive Connections to Students


On Thursday, November 21 FHSU International Student services hosted a new event called Culture and Conversation in the Forsyth Library. The event was a part of the International Education week and gave domestic and international students the chance to learn more about each other’s culture. Students from several countries and students who had studied abroad were in attendance and they shared their experiences from around the world and connected with one another.

Albert Lin who is a practicum student in Student Affairs was the organizer of the event. He was supported by Angie Roth, Assistant Director of International Student Services. Lin thought it was important to provide an event where domestic and international students could meet up and overcome language and cultural barriers and the event was part of his practicum. Over 16 students attended the event along with staff members from the International Student Services office. 

‘‘Today’s event was a success. People were glad to speak up. People still came to the event even though it was at a time when many students are busy.’’ Lin said. 

‘‘The library wanted to do something for international education week so we were able to tie it in’’ Roth said. 

Riikka Savo is an international student from Finland who enjoyed the event. 

‘‘I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet Americans, which hasn’t been that easy as an international student,” Savo said. 

She was happy to ask and answer questions during the event. 

‘‘People often ask me if Finland is always cold and if it is always snowing there. It’s not really like that.’’ Savo said. 

American students are curious about the importance of learning new languages. Savo speaks four languages, including English, and is hoping to learn Spanish. She encouraged students to learn more languages too. 

She is taking marketing and leadership classes while she is at FHSU for the semester. 

‘‘I really love Hays but my home university requires me to be back for next semester,’’ Savo said. 

In conclusion, the event allowed students to explore the diversity of international experiences at FHSU. The International Student Services office hopes to continue the event next year. 

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