Where is the love

Is kindness towards other people around anymore? Walking down the street there doesn’t seem to be a notion of it anywhere, I’m almost positive that if someone tripped or slipped, it would be more of a show for a passerby than a person who was suddenly turned into a victim and needing assistance.

Today, I walked in to a store to grab a drink and snack and asked the lady behind the counter if she needed help storing her boxes, and her reaction, would make it seem like I was the only person in the world that ever offered her help. This situation made me feel like no one had ever asked to help someone out before.

It got me thinking.

Is this something caused by excessive use of technology turning people selfish? How many times have you eaten lunch with your friends, and you end up spending more time on your cell phone reading tweets, Facebook posts, or trying to find memes, zoning out your friends?

I was a delivery driver this summer, here in Hays, and trust me when I say I’ve seen everything. I’ve dealt with difficult people showing no respect towards me, or their friends. Of course, there were also times where people saw me as only a little bit lower than a god, as I brought them their feast.

I was always taught to respect people and treat them how I wanted them to treat me. I know some people may argue that I never have, or in a specific situation I did not handle it correctly, and I know I still have to work do as we are all growing up, in our own ways.

This video may be focused towards bullying but the idea of how people reacted to it surprised me.

Is taking our few wonderful moments left on earth and using it towards someone’s misfortune really worth the small results?

I have presented a lot of questions here. You may think I’m stuck in my immature little world for wanting the world to be a little more kind, but do me a favor and do something for someone that you wouldn’t normally do. Put your cell phone down when you’re with your friends and enjoy their company, help a fellow human-being through a struggle, no matter how big or small you see the task.

Tell me something you’ve done for someone recently that was an act of kindness.

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