Old Fort Hays Throws it Back with Vintage Baseball




On Saturday, September 21, 2019, the Post Nine (Historic Fort Hays Team) an old fashioned baseball team played the ol’ timey way against teams from Wichita, Emporia, Colorado, and Denver. Their last game was in March which allowed plenty of time for practice and hard work. These specific teams do not use the same baseball rules we have today, according to the 1867 rule book players didn’t have gloves, the bats had to be wooden, bases 1-3 must be canvas bags painted white, and filled with soft material for comfort.

The names of each team competing are as follows: the Cowtown Vintage Base Ball Club of Wichita, the Emporia Vintage Base Ball Club, the Colorado Vintage Base Ball Association of Denver, Historic Fort Hays State’s team also referred to as Post Nine.

These teams competed on the historic site at 1472 US- 183 highway alternate from 10:00 am-4:00 pm Saturday, each game averaged an hour and a half. Post Nine team uniforms were purchased by a supporter of activities on historic sites, Society of Friends of Fort Hays. 

It was free admission to watch baseball at the historic site at old Fort Hays. The concessions stands were available to every baseball enthusiast in town. Packed full of fun and people in the bleachers excited to watch the vintage games. 

“It was very interesting to learn about how baseball was played back then compared to how it’s played now,” said baseball enthusiast James Robben. “They use to play with no gloves, able to get out off of one bounce, and no home runs. We couldn’t play that way anymore.”

James and many others enjoyed the games.

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