Tiger Racing: Marisol Garcia’s Mario Kart Tournament


Resident Assistant, Marisol Garcia recently hosted a casual Mario Kart tournament at the Tiger Village residence hall. The tournament had a fair group of participants with students from other residential halls participating. The tournament consisted of multiple rounds in which participants could earn points.  Some of the notable races include the ones between McMindes Resident Aaron Strain and Resident Assistant Preston Pittman (also from McMindes), who were terrific in their competitive attitude and confident demeanor.

Competitors at the Tournament have “Mains” or characters in which they pick the most. The following are a list of mains various competitors played as:

  • RA Marisol Garcia, Junior, as Shy Guy
  • RA Preston Pittman, Junior, as Waluigi
  • Justin Davis as Dry Bones
  • Aaron Strain, Sophomore, as a Mii Racer
  • Kylie Wiens, Senior, as Toadette
  • Ginger Garcia, a Senior, as Donkey Kong
  • Socorro Vega, Senior, as Koopa Troopa

By the end of the competition, the players with the highest scores would compete in a final round where the victor would be decided. Justin Davis, Marisol Garcia, and Aaron Strain would be these top players. A special rule was applied to the final match where players would choose their favorite course, upon choosing a course Aaron Strain seemingly had an advantage with his choice of Baby Park.


The tournament ended with Marisol and Aaron neck and neck (both in the race and regarding points). The race on the Mute City Course seemed to go on forever but after a long struggle Strain came out on top. This event was a truly satisfying success and was a great experience. Marisol Garcia says that given how the event turned out a follow up is  “definitely a possibility” and that if the involvement of organizations such as “UAB or RHA” is added pizza could also be provided.

When asked how he felt about his win over Marisol Garcia and overall tournament win Strain had this to say:

“I mean, I feel just like I did two hours ago.”

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