Dorm Life 101: How To Survive Your Freshman year in the residence halls


Being an incoming freshman in college can be super scary. Having to adjust to a new life in a new city far away from home can seem intimidating. As there are many students that feel this way when they first come to college, here are a few tips on how you can adjust to dorm life in college.

One issue that seems to arise in the dorms are the odors of some of the rooms. In college, you share a living space with someone else so it can get smelly very quickly. I talked to some residents in Mcmindes and discovered a neat technique that many students are using: dryer sheets. Students are laying these sheets over their A/C unit vents to help the room smell fresher. Also, students use air fresheners and candle warmers to help control pesky odors.

The bathrooms in the dorms can be a little messy at times, especially in the shower. Before you get to college FHSU students recommend buying a pair of shower shoes. Shower shoes are flipflops or some sort of water-resistant shoe you can wear to protect your feet from unwanted bacteria. These shoes can be super helpful and make a showering experience a thousand times better.

Naps are a necessity in college, but naps can be uncomfortable if you don’t have the right bedding. I recommend buying some twin-XL sheets for your mattress pad. These sheets make your bed look more stylish and feel more comfortable. Don’t be afraid to bring blankets and pillows make sure that your dorm is comfortable for your taste. You can find some great twin-XL sheets at a variety of retailers, both online and local.

Don’t let your dorm look like a prison cell, either. Be sure to decorate. Decorating your dorm can make all the difference in college. When you decorate your dorm be sure to use scotch tape, or command strips (caution command strips can cause paint tear on the dorm walls). Make your room look stylish, this will help you to feel less homesick in the long run.

Sickness can also be an issue in the dorms, so be sure to clean your room with disinfectant wipes. They help keep your room clean, and they prevent bacteria from spreading and getting you sick. Also using these can help get stains out of wooden desks and dressers easier. These are also recommended to have during flu season.

Mini fridges are also a necessity when it comes to dorm life. You can store snack items and refreshments in your fridge to keep them cold. It helps to come home to a cold pop or water after a long day of classes and homework. Be sure to clean your fridge regularly and keep it orderly.

Locks are great to use for the drawers in your room. If you have personal items that you don’t want people to use or steal be sure to buy a lock for your drawers. These locks help reduce theft, they can also make you feel more secure with your roommate.

Desk lamps are also a great way to decorate your room. There are many out there and they are super useful when it comes to getting homework done late at night.

Fans are also a huge necessity, the dorm rooms can get stuffy sometimes so be sure to have a fan with you to help you feel more comfortable.

Overall college is a great experience, just make sure that your living it the best way possible. Decorate your room, make your living space unique, and just make sure that it feels like home. Dorm life can be scary but I hope some of these tips help you out. College life is fun and can be an amazing experience for you if you let it be.

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