SGA Swears in New Senators at Weekly Meeting


Last week, the Student Government Association held their weekly meeting on October 19.

The meeting began with Edie McCracken attending the meeting as a guest speaker. During her address to the SGA, she spoke about the upcoming Presidential Speaker Series. For this series, Daymond John, a former star of the television show Shark Tank will speak on campus.

According to McCracken, the event is free but students must pick up a ticket if they wish to attend.

Following the guest speaker, the executive reports were given which recapped events of the previous week. This included discussion about Open Educational Resources (OERs).

OERs are resources, such as textbooks, that are available for free or at a much-reduced cost to students and educators. Several senators had the chance to learn more about them in the previous week and were interested in pursuing OERs further.

Later in the meeting, three new senators were sworn in. This included Haley Reiter, Ryan Stanley, and Jackie Tarango; all three are representing the FHSU Freshman.

At the end of the meeting, the SGA voted on three bills. The first, which concerned the EOF Committee, passed.

The second two were to vote on Robin Ritsema becoming a senator at large and for Michelle McPherson to fill an empty senatorial seat. Both Ritsema and McPherson were present for the vote and both bills passed unanimously.

Following these votes as well as an announcement about a wheelchair basketball tournament that is in the works, the meeting concluded.

The next Student Government Association meeting will be at 7 p.m. on October 25.


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