SGA Meeting Last Thursday Discusses Funding Guide


Last Thursday, the Student Government Association held their weekly meeting. A few guests came in to speak on behalf of their tables for Majors and Graduate Programs Fair in the hopes of attracting more students for the tables. Judging by the large influx of students that came through the ballroom during the event, it appears that this advertising worked.

Also, the SGA elected all of their student justices to the student-faculty court. There are also two individuals that are moving into second reading to potentially join the Senate.

“There weren’t a lot of things happening this week with everybody trying to get caught up with their classes,”SGA President Adam Schibi said, “Our office was actually pretty empty for a couple of days, so the office hour for the week was to discuss the funding guide which has become the point of discussion for us to do. We want to know whether or not we want to make it a third governing document for us to then be able to reference for annual changes if we need to put any changes towards the constitution or by-laws.”

“This is kind of the idea that a lot of different things can change within funding mechanisms at the state level and within our own campus, so we want to be able to just adjust those without having to do too much adjustment for our organization at large,” Schibi said. “So we are going to continue with that conversation going forward and just see if that isn’t the best route going forward for us or if we need to go a different way.”

President Schibi went on to further elaborate on the implications such a move poses for the campus.

“It doesn’t necessarily have any big significance for campus. It will be more of a document that students within the student organizations can reference for their own purposes,” Schibi said. “So for allocations, the rules will include adjustments to budgets and line items and everything like that. So, it would more so just give more transparent picture of who we are, what we do, how we do it, and what to expect in terms of any changes to their organizations and budgets.”

Apart from all of this, there was nothing else discussed apart from a few housekeeping matters. SGA meets again tonight at 7 p.m. in the Union.

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